Open Source Projects

App Name Link Notes
AutoDMG Create deployable system images from OS X installer
JSS MUT Data import tool
AutoPkgr Keeps your Packages up to date.
CreateUserPkg Create packages to deploy Mac OS X user accounts
AutoCasperNBI Automates the creation of NetBoot Images (NBI’s) for use with Casper Imaging.
NetSUS NetBoot/SUS/LP server allows you to host an internal software update server (SUS), a NetBoot server, and a LDAP Proxy server on Linux
Patchoo user experience for software update.
ADPassMon Active Directory password sync tool.
Deadpool Makes sure your check-ins don’t hang around longer than they should and outputs verbose logs about everything that is going on.
CasperCheck Casper agent healing


Automator Actions Automator actions for Casper


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